About me

I live in Saigon, Vietnam, and I also blog at www.saigonsays.com more personally about life, family and work out here in this incredible city and this wonderful region of the world.

Definitelymaybe kicked off as a new writing project in January 2013, on the back of some changes in my life.  2013 was the Year of the Snake (for all you Lunar followers) – a year of skin shedding and a suitable time, for me at least, for ‘reinvention.’

I worked for the international development NGO, CARE International, for 13 years, up until October 2019 and am currently freelance consulting and using http://www.coracleconsulting.net for this. Check it out!

On DefinitelyMaybe you will find me blogging about current affairs, international development, and also about the power of reinventing new things and, as Mr Bob Black once said, “marching off the edge of our maps”.

Whatever Mr Black was getting at with this statement is unclear, but I like it nonetheless.

Enjoy today.


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