Fifty Shades of Gay (iO Tillet Wright TEDTalk)

Sure, who has 18 minutes in their day to watch a TED Talk?

Let me use my first post of this new project to encourage you to find the time.  This is a seminal piece of public speaking, which will leave you inspired.

The artist iO Tillet Wright makes a pitch perfect address to her audience about topics such as prejudice, human rights, sexuality, and the pursuit of human well being.

Her platform, for me, hammers home possibly the one affirming life statement I have always felt is a good enough one to use each and every day: “do unto others as you would have done unto yourself”.

I’ve written in the past about “international development” issues, the subtler aspects of which I will continue to pay attention to and try to understand (for this is, after all, what I am paid to do) however, in my view, this TED Talk presents such a compelling narrative about who we are, and how we behave, that it should be obligatory viewing for any development-ista, or those interested in the finer subtleties of the development themes of our time: inequality, social justice, gender equity, political freedom, and ultimately, global citizenship in all its potential glory. Continue reading “Fifty Shades of Gay (iO Tillet Wright TEDTalk)”