Back to the Future

Night-time here in Saigon, and the apartment is awash with technology: air conditioning unit purring above, iPod playing, latop bedazzling me with twittersphere chat, skype, and instant access to the views, and counterviews, of billions of fellow humans.

In my first job after returning from an even more isolated, yet inspiring, corner of Uganda in 1997, I worked in a slightly ‘outback’ office in Acton (West London) with twenty other people.  We had no mobile phones to start with, and a mere four to five shared computers.

These were times when securing advertising through faxing was all the rage – in itself a flawed initiative on several fronts when you think about it, as no one ever read the adverts, and no one recycled the paper.

Sure, this ain’t all that long ago in the grand scheme of things and, in comparison to now, was following on the foot-steps of a practically ‘dark-age’ era of technology (and so brilliantly captured in this recent UK compilation of 70s and 80s nostalgic memorabillia – which I simply had to upload for posterity’s sake): Continue reading “Back to the Future”