Reinvention in the public eye

On the road to redemption?
On the road to redemption?

After yesterday’s admition of guilt (10 years too late) and accompanying resignation from his Eastleigh seat, MP Chris Huhne will almost certainly be the face of the next edition of Private Eye.  Fame at last, in my books – I love the Eye – and only wish it had the membership of facebook, and perhaps the world would be a cleaner place.

So, Chris Huhne.  He “perverted the course of justice”.  Lied for a decade to protect his career.  He stood (and almost won) in the leadership contest to be head of the Liberal Democrats.  He is now facing a prison sentence.  On paper, it’s a solid performance.

If anyone required some sort of “reinvention,” as we embrace the Year of the Snake next week, it is Mr Chris Huhne.

Lance Armstrong may be able to sympathise.  Armstrong went on Oprah last month, and confessed to a nation about his sorry tale.  A day of trending on Twitter, and perhaps Armstrong’s own redemption journey has begun now in earnest, and will see him resurrected in a year or two, in a new role.

What is the take-away from comparing these two fallen-from-grace public figures, in their respective professions and life pursuits?  What does any of it all mean for those of us not in the public eye?

Once you move on from shaking your head at their misdemeanors, and thinking “what were you thinking at the time?” I am just not sure what purpose any further raving on the matter will ultimately serve to satiate, other than our own tendencies to jump on hate bandwagons and point the finger. Continue reading “Reinvention in the public eye”